Monday, February 7, 2011

Dear Kristen

My precious Kristen, this morning when I woke up, the first thing I saw was your picture hanging on the wall in our bedroom.  It feels me with such a sense of longing every time I look at your sweet little face, I want so badly to be able to kiss you once more, and tell you just how much you are loved and missed!  I've created a picture in my head of what you would have looked like as a little girl.  Your big sister is a mirror image of her daddy, so in my head, you are my little me.  Even looking at your features when you were so small, and had so much developing to do, you had my nose, and mouth, and so in my mind, I've given you big brown eyes.. red hair, and huge smile!  Jenna is sweet and caring, and imaginative.  I think you would have been all of these things, but maybe a little more devilish!  I don't care if you had been any of things things... I just want YOU!  However you would have looked, or what your outlook on life would have been... I'd give anything to give you the chance to live.  We worked so hard to create you little girl, and we wanted you so badly!  Please know that I am so sorry that my body betrayed both of us!  Thank you for fighting, thank you for living for those few hours in my arms, we created a precious memory that time will never erase!  I love you baby girl, and think about you all of the time!

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  1. Oh this letter to your daughter is so beautiful and brought me to tears. I have wrote so many of my own to my little Liam.