Sunday, February 6, 2011

Do we want another try??

I had a good talk with my husband tonight.  I told him that I think  I want to try invitro once more.   I feel I owe it to Jenna to try to again, also to myself, I really do want more kids.  I've been weighing the options ever since we lost Kristen, and this is the first time I felt with any conviction, that I would actually take the risk.  I'm scared to death that we'll just end up hurt again, but my fertility Doc told me that if we were considering trying again, she would encourage us.  She thinks that with closer monitoring, we can get to term.  I wish she could know that for sure.  There's still a lot to discuss, my husband works three weeks offshore, and then is home for three weeks.  It's a great schedule, when I'm healthy enought to hold down the fort, but if I end up on bed rest for any length of time, I'll have to rely on my MIL to take care of Jenna, and maybe me.  Obviously she will have to be on board before we can try.
There's also the money issue.  Again no frozen embryos, so another egg retrieval is needed.... yay.
I hope that somebody reads this who has had a rainbow baby after an incompetent cervix... or even those who have tried and lost again a second time. I need some input, good and bad!  Actually I really need some support from anyone out there in BLM land..... I have my name in to add my blog to the baby loss directory, but since that hasn't been updated since last Feb... I'm thinking I might have to wait a while!  If you happen to stop in on my blog.. please please please give me some comments!  I have to thank Jen, who has done this already, you don't know how much it means to here from somebody who has walked this path.


  1. Would you like me to do a post to link some blms over to your blog? I wouldn't mind so just let me know...

    I know a lot of ladies that would be able to help :)

    I know in-vitro isn't easy (we almost had to go that route but was able to get pregnant on our own after some surgeries on my equipment!) but I think you guys should try again, when you're both ready. Only you guys will know when that is...I didn't have IC but I know several blms that have gone on to have babies full-term with the help of a cerclage.

  2. I would really appreciate that Jen, Thank you!

  3. Sherri, I just found your blog by way of Brooke's comments. I am so very sorry about the loss of your beautiful Kristen. I don't have any personal wisdom to offer about IVF and incompetent cervixes but I do know of women who were able to carry healthy babies to term after losing one to preterm labor/incompetent cervix.

    I wish you peace, and send love.