Sunday, March 27, 2011


Thanks ladies.... I've been talked down a bit now. I'm not sure what we're going to do. My husband wants me to wait until he gets home (understandable) which is in two weeks time. And my Mom is trying to talk me into giving Skip another chance. He's an outside dog 90% of the time, so it'll be easy to keep him away from Jenna for now. And hopefully she's learned not to be so rough on him. He's been SO patient, she crawls all over him and he's never made even a sign of being aggressive. I'm wondering if she didn't hurt him.. they were in the other room when it happened. As for a shelter.. I hesitate here in this province, I see SO many dogs tied to houses and just ignored here. Not that there aren't people who would give him a loving home, I just wouldn't want to see him abused. It's funny, because back home, he's just a normal dog... here almost everyone comments on how BIG he is (he's not really, just a Shepherd Collie Cross)
Anyway, I love him dearly and the thought of getting rid of him either way really hurts... but Jenna's welfare comes first. I don't think he'd do anything out of aggression... but I hate taking chances.


  1. I understand the want for him to have a good home versus somehow ending up in an abusive or neglectful one. From your pics he looks like a sweet dog, still sucks to have to make such a difficult decision

  2. hi sherri--while i completely understand your concern, i am glad to hear that you are taking some time to step back and reflect. we also have a large dog (a big puppy, black lab/shepard/newfie mix), and while he is the sweetest animal ever, and would never intentionally hurt the girls, he has accidentally bit their forearms on more than one occasion-due to rough housing with him, tugging on him, where he does give a warning yelp or growl that they are over-stepping their bounds. or he has grabbed their arms to drag them away from what he thought was danger (a nerf gun war or badminition net). i think (and you can dimiss my opinion of course) to give him another chance--and just watch him with jenna for now, and see if you see a pattern. if he continues to be aggressive, then ok, do what you have to for your daughter's safety. but if jenna is provocating him (my girls provoke einstein) then you can teach her the signs when the dog is getting wary and tired.
    but my thoughts are with you! good luck!

  3. Thanks! It took me by such surprise this morning... I was raised that if a dog bit, you got rid of it, end of story. But then I talked to Mom.. and since she was saying no give him a chance... it made me really rethink. I think it was probably a good lesson for Jenna to maybe be more gentle too. I can tell her until I'm blue in the face, but hopefully now she understands, and will give him a bit more space. And like you said.. I'll be watching way closer from now on.