Monday, April 25, 2011

Baby Peter

I posted 'The Gift of Kristen Eva' in my very first blog posting, it was written by the woman who performed her service for us. Rosalind emailed me today to share another poem of hers. You see, Rosalind's mother experienced a stillbirth when Rosalind was a very small girl, at that time the baby was taken right away, and there wasn't much said about it. Rosalind has tried to find ways to honor her little brother's part in her family, including giving him a name! She said that she had called him Peter, somewhat after Peter Pan, the boy who never grew up. She shared his story with my family at the service. It was a comfort to know the woman that we had chosen to say a few words for us, to some extent understood our grief, and was compassionate to say the least! I asked her if it was alright to share Baby Peter with all of you, and she said gladly!

Baby Peter
(Our Brother)
By Rosalind (Reardon) Pinsent

For years I have carried you
In my heart and in my mind
And wondered with passing time.

I've heard so much about you
And the struggle that you had
How no one saw your beautiful face
No one but our Dad.

Now, I didn't fully understand
The story that was told
I just knew we lost a brother
A precious, little soul.

But I remember, Little Baby
As a child standing by the gate
Something was wrong inside our home
And I knew it was too late.

Though I was but a tiny child
I could see all was not well
All was silent, no singing heard
But why, I could not tell.

But as I grew I came to know
What happened on that day
How you were born without life
And they had taken you away.

An understanding of our God
Was my heart's constant song
Know, Little Baby
with our Dad you now belong.

So I baptized you in God's name
The Son and Spirit too
I named you Baby Peter
Restoring dignity to you.

Though we have never seen you
We have found a way
To reunite our family
You have come home to stay.

A little angel rests by a bench
That's carved in your memory
So with our Dad you are there
In spirit for eternity.

And healing comes to our Mom
Who lost you at your birth
Healing for us your siblings too
A gift to us on earth.

I am grateful for God's wisdom
That led us to you, our brother
Too young we were to share the grief
Of our father and our mother.

I know you are a part of the mystery
Of God's eternal love
Where healing flows from the throne
Of God's grace from above.

For nothing breaks the will of God
If we listen and obey
And that is why now, Baby Peter
Healing begins in us today.

Rosalind told us that not long before he passed away, her father, admitted to sneaking into the room that they had laid Peter after his birth. They had him in a dresser drawer (imagine) and he looked at the son he would never know. He had lived all those years without telling anyone, not even his wife this fact!

My favorite part of this poem, is the hope it gives me, that Kristen's memory will carry on in Jenna.


  1. Ah, you got me with Peter Pan- the boy who never grew up. :(

  2. That is so beautiful. I cried my way through it. I love hearing stories of siblings who never forget. I'm so glad she named Peter. I can't imagine being her parents, her Dad having to sneak a peek at him and her mother never even seeing him.

  3. That was really sweet of her to let you share this. I too like the part about Peter Pan

  4. I love it! I hope Sloane understands why this has been such a rough year one day.

  5. Such a beautiful poem... I can't help but think of our toddler growing up slowly learning more and more about her little sister. Thank you so much for sharing this poem xoxo

  6. It's a beautiful poem. Thanks for sharing it. I read your comment about June 8th, and that would be awesome if we were pregnant with our rainbow babies at the same time :)