Saturday, April 9, 2011

Happy List Saturday

Here we are again! The weeks seem to be flying by lately... in one sense that's good, in another... it takes me further from Kristen. Anyway.. happy thoughts, happy thoughts right!
Here we go:

1. My hubby is home again!!! You may find me on the computer a lot less in the next three weeks. Ken keeps me busy, and we have a ton of yardwork to do this time he's home. I actually love his schedule, I miss him when he's gone. But he's home now for three solid weeks with nothing to do other than spend time with me and Jenna!

2. We're getting closer to spring... there's still a bit of snow, and we had some flurries yesterday... but it's warming up, and the sun is shining more and more! Every time it snows Jenna says "but I want it to be spring Mommy!" She's ready to get outside and play too!

3. Still excited to go home in May! I can't wait to take Jenna to the rodeo.. I think she'll love it this year!

4. I'm feeling good today.. I have my moments still... but overall things have slowly been improving. That makes me happy!

5. Yesterday on the way home from town, after we picked Ken up.. I was bopping along to Jennas music, John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt to be exact... anyway, I really was, singing and dancing away, when Ken caught me (I was so embarassed when I realised how goofy I must have looked!!) But it makes me a little happy to think back and realise that I still can have moments of abandon, where I forget myself, and just enjoy life... even if it's something as trivial as a children's song!

I know that there's more... but those are the big one's this week. So thanks again to Natasha! I hope she's having a great time on her retreat!


  1. Great list and get glad to hear you were being goofy with your daughter. I am sure she loved it that you were singing and dancing around with her!

  2. Love your list.... especially that feeling good and love the bopping to music :)) Have a lovely 3 weeks xoxo

  3. Enjoy the time with your hubby! Great list!

  4. Hi Sherri.. lovely list! God Bless your family and little Kristen :)

  5. A sweet and happy list, thanks for sharing.