Saturday, April 30, 2011

Happy List Saturday

I've come to love Happy Lists, it's nice to sit and reflect on my week, and to find the happiness that I can so easily forget about otherwise!

1. I had a bittersweet Easter. The holiday itself was good, Jenna made the day pretty terrific with her excitement and innocence this year! I missed Kristen terribly, but am happy for the time with family!

2. I'm happy that things are moving ahead with invitro. I'm scared to death of the big picture, and I'm focusing on taking things one step at a time!

3. I'm happy that I got to meet another amazing BLM face to face this week! Jane is Noah's Mommy and I met her through the faces of Loss website, although there isn't a group here in St. John's, Jane has her phone# listed, and we finally sat down and had a coffee, and a great conversation!

4. As always, I'm happy for my family. Ken's crew change day is shifting, and it worked in his favor this time, he has an extra four days with us, and it's so nice to get that extra time!
Jenna has been sick this week, she actually woke up with a cold Easter morning, but she's a trooper, and despite being horribly sick, she still has a sweet temperment. I'm happy she's finally on the mend!


  1. What a great list!
    That is so awesome that you were able to meet up with another blm. There is nothing like being able to sit down and talk face to face with someone who understands.
    Also good news to be able to get extra family time wit the hubs.
    I will be continuing to pray things go smoothly with your invitro process, crossing my fingers and toes for you guys!

  2. Sorry to hear that Jenna's been unwell.... hope she's 100% again soon :) Great about IVF... and agree with you that taking it one step at a time is the only way to do it. Love always xoxo

  3. Great list! I'm glad you got to meet another BLM. It's nice to have someone to talk to that has been through a similar situation. Sorry about your daughter, though; I hope Jenna feels completely better soon. Good luck with the invitro! Keeping my fingers crossed for you and praying for you!