Saturday, April 2, 2011

Happy List Saturday

Happy List Saturdays!!!
I've finally jumped on board with my happy list, and hope to do so from now on. The past few weeks, I'd look at everyone's happy lists, and wish that I could think of something to write. Today here it is:

1. I guess the first thing I have to be happy for, is finally coming out of the darker side of my grief (I know I'll probably end up visiting that place again in the future) But for now, I can think about Kristen and my heart is warmed by the blessing of having her in my life. Even for such a short time. For now... the clouds have lifted and I feel.. maybe not totally happy, but closer than I've been for quite a while!

2. I'll state the obvious, I'm so happy for my family, immediate and extended. Jenna brings me joy every day, even when I'm at my worst.. she lifts me up.

3. I'm happy that I've found blogging as a means for coping with all of the crap baby loss brings.

4. I'm happy that I'm planning on getting home in May! I miss my parents so much, and hate that they miss so much of Jennas life! I can't wait to see all of my friends and family, and just relax on the farm.

5. I'm happy we're moving forward and thinking about another baby.... even though it scares me. I can't imagine not trying again.

Thanks Aiden's Mommy Natasha, for helping to focus on the good in my life... Sometimes it's so easy to just dwell on the bad! I'm wishing all my BLMs out there happiness in some form today as well. xoxo


  1. Love your list Sherri! Thank you so much for sharing with us this week! I am glad you are doing better and that you're considering another baby :) Sending lots of love!

  2. Great list!
    I am so happy you have Jenna, I'm sure its hard to not want to be happy when you have her and also glad you guys are visiting your family in May. Hoping it will be comforting for you to be with them.

  3. Love you happy list... as Mary from The Great Elephant Symposium says - it's great that this list helps us "pay attention to the things that tickle (our) heart" :)) So lovely to hear that you feel as though your coming through OK... been thinking of you heaps and glad your feeling better. Love always xoxo

  4. Great list and it's good to write this all down. Yay for thinking of another baby.
    Have a Happy week !!!