Thursday, April 7, 2011

My story

I thought it might be nice to write down a little of our story... a recap anyway!

So I guess I'll start with where I was in life in the years just before I met Ken. I had been working at the Alberta Motor Association doing vehicle registries and vital statistics for a couple of years... it was a pretty good job, but working with 30 women and their bickering and drama wasn't my idea of a great job! So I saw an ad in the paper for Schlumberger Wireline, they weren't asking for any experience. My brother is a Wireliner, so I figured if he could do it, then so could I! The job consisted of driving a five tonne truck to a oil rig, with a crew of two other people, rigging up our equipment (some of the downhole tools weighed over 300lbs!) Staying awake and alert INSANE hours! (One job I was up for 42 hours!) Rigging out again, and driving home. The job was tough, but the pay was great. I was the only female wireline operator in Canada for Schlumberger at the time! There are lots of female engineers... the operators are the grunts on the crew.. lol! So anyway I'm proud of that, I like it that part of my story!
That's where I was in life when I met Ken, I was independant.. owned my own home, and was loving my job! So a friend and I went to an Irish Decendants concert one night (worth checking out Jen they're a great band!!) And that's where I met my hubby! blah blah hit it off, started dating... a year later we bought a house together, and not long after, he proposed! I was doing dishes at the time, so that gives some insight into the hopelessly romantic husband I have! bahaha!
We got married 7 months later, and immediately started trying for babies. I would've had five if it had been easy for us!
About six months into trying I went to the doc to see if he could check into our fertility.. he told me that we had to have been trying for a year before they could do anything. Two weeks later, I booked another appt, and told him that it had now been a year! (I'm also impatient!) It was good that we had, because we found out that Ken has a low count (strike one), and that we would need to do invitro. So we booked an appt with an RE in Edmonton (closest we could get) Edmonton is about a five hour drive from GP, and we did a LOT of trecking back and forth over the next year. We found out in Edmonton at our first appt, that I had a fibroid, that would have to be removed surgically, before we could begin fertility treatment (strike two) So we waited three months to get in for surgery. I was prepped.. laying in the room waiting to go into the operating room, when the doc came in and cancelled (kind of a strike three) he said I would have to go home and rebook (completely wasted trip to Edmonton!) The earliest I could get in again was JUNE... three more months! Anyone who has been dealing with infertility probably hates waiting even a month when ttc! Anyway... surgery was a success (thank god!)
Then we decided to move across the country, which delayed things a bit more. In January 2008, we FINALLY went for our first round of invitro! That gave us Jenna, my sweet little girl! She was born a month early, but was completly healthy.
I would have started again for another when Jenna was about 9 months old, but we were in the middle of building our house at the time, so it was best we waited. As soon as we were finished building, I was off to Vancouver again (f you're wondering why we travelled across the country for this procedure, I plan on writing about this soon) Anyway, again success!!! I know that we were really fortunate that way, each time however we didn't have any frozen.. so fresh cycle this time, and if we go again, it'll be another fresh cycle (boo). And that pregancy was our other sweet little daughter, the one who lives in my heart, and in heaven! You can get to her story here (our biggest strike in our fertility struggles so far!)
So that's it in a nutshell. I'll write more at a later date, I'm sure this is long enough for now!!!!


  1. I have to say, proposing while you did the dishes is ultra romantic... See, I can say this, as it's also how my hubby proposed! Funny coincidence, eh? Must be a Canadian thing? ha.


  2. Thanks for sharing your story. That's very cool about being the only female wireline operator in Canada with your company!

  3. Thanks for sharing that, its nice knowing a little bit more about other blm's and where they come from
    As for infertility, I haven't done IVF,I hope it never gets to that point. We tried for 2 years, had to use chlomid and did 2 IUI's, and the dr's said it was all me and that body is acting like its in menopause and hadn't ovulated in years.
    Why does it have to be so hard for some people to get pregnant-its not fair

  4. You've been on quite a journey. Thanks for sharing your story.

    I'm a new follower from the Ultimate Blog Party. Nice to meet you! Hope you can stop by and say hi. :)

    Wife on the Roller Coaster

  5. Laura Jane- It must just drive men wild enough to forget about all of the plans they had made, like the sunset on the beach with a hired band playing softly in the background... they see us up to our elbows in suds, and that's it! Proposal right then and there! lol! I'm sure Ken had to scramble to cancel all the reservations he had planned for the actual proposal! hahahahaha!

    Thanks Jessica, it really was a great job!

    Becky- I thought it all seemed unfair before we lost Kristen.. now I can't begin to wrap my head around how totally unjust it is! Especially after reading other mamas stories too.. it's not just us going through hell to try to grow our families!

    Wife on the roller coaster- Hi, and welcome!!! I have already started following your blog, and can't wait to read more of it! Thanks for saying Hello!

  6. Thank you for sharing. I've been working on Hayes' story for a while now. Need to get back on that asap.

  7. Thank you for sharing your story. When you are brave enough to share your experiences, you have no idea who you will inspire or touch. Keep it up!

  8. Sorry about my slow commenting this week :( Lovely to hear your story meeting your DH and how your life together started... sounds like you have luck with IVF - so hopefully this will continue for you. My heart always goes out to you for losing your daughter. Love you always xoxo