Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I'm a little upset today. I went online to look up flights and hotel for my trip to Vancouver. My plan had been to take Jenna with me, meet up with my SIL and hang out with them while I was going through the procedure, and then to go home to GP for a week. It would be an extra $2500 in flights, that's with using up all of my airmiles! Plus the more expensive hotel room to sleep all of us, plus the extra money we'd surely spend sightseeing in Vancouver (Amanda and the girls have never been) GRRRRR!!! I can't justify it! Not when all it really is for, is so that Jenna and I could get to GP for a week! Not when we have to pay soooooo much just for the invitro!
Now, I'm going by myself ($1000 plane ticket) and probably spending a few of the days with a family member there.... and coming straight back to Newfoundland. No trip home this spring/summer. Ken's Mom will take Jenna, she was a little disappointed when I was hoping to have her come with me anyway.
My hope is to keep my airlmiles, and gain enough more over the summer to take a trip home a bit later, for three weeks, while Ken's offshore. I don't know if I'll be able to once (if) I'm pregnant. But hoping it's a possibility. sigh.


  1. Flights in Canada are SOOOOOOO expensive. Sorry Jenna won't be joining you this trip.

  2. that's too bad Sherri!
    flights are expensive, and IVF, even more!!

  3. Sorry to hear the flights are too expensive and Jenna can't join you. Hopefully next year WHEN you are pregnant you will all be able to go home together

  4. Wish you could go with Jenna... I've always wanted to go to Canada - sounds like such a gorgeous place. You'll get there with her soon. Love always xoxo