Tuesday, May 10, 2011


So as we're sitting down to circle time in playgroup today, the leader asked Jenna about the friend who had just visited for a couple of days (we had gone with Jenna's little friend Rachel last week) And Jenna said yes that she had gone home.. and that "my baby's in heaven" Out of the blue. The playgroup leader actually said "Wow, I don't know how to respond to that!" Which left me leaving circle time to go to the bathroom and try to regain some composure..... It must be because of our visit with Paulette yesterday, but later in the afternoon Jenna also asked me if she was a sister too... to which I replied that yes, she is a sister. Wow... I'm just a complete mess today, it took me a really long time this morning to get myself back under enough control to rejoin the group at playgroup. And even now, I'm crying as I think back on it. I'm glad that Jenna does recognize that she has a baby sister. I think it's just extra tough on me after dealing with Mother's Day followed by finally going to meet Paulette's baby.
Also, I don't know if anyone else is having troubles, but Blogger has been telling me that I'm not following any blogs for the last couple of days, but when I go into some of the blogs that I really am following, it still shows my profile. So if I miss reading some.. I'm sorry, I'm trying to sort it out! Any suggestions??


  1. That has been happening to me when I go to my "dashboard" page. I usually just refresh the page and my blogs show up in the normal list form.

  2. Ugh...I hope your day gets better. I hate those days! Hugs!

    And, yes I;ve been having those issues. I just refresh the page as well. Usually works fine after that.

  3. As per the ladies above, I have that issue too.

    Glad Jenna knows she's a sister. She must be trying to process everything? What a sweetheart. :)

    Hope your day/week gets better!

  4. Thanks ladies, and I have been refreshing/restarting/ logging in and out, and still nothing! Argh.. I just realised I can follow through google reader, but don't like it nearly as much!

  5. It's wonderful that Jenna knows she has a sister and wants to talk about her. I think it's harder for us to handle than maybe children. They're just so honest with their emotions and also don't have a concrete concept of loss just yet.

    I'm sorry it caused you to break down. I know just how losing composure feels and it's never an enjoyable place to be in the company of others.

  6. I think its great that Jenna recognizes she has a sister:) although I can see why that would be hard on you hearing that.
    I hope your week gets better!

  7. I'm glad that Jenna recognizes that she is a sister. My little guy turned 2 the day after his sister was born and died. I am not sure what he knows, but he hasn't really asked. I have brought it up couple of times but don't want to overdo it if he has no idea what I am talking about. It is confusing to me though, because I want him to know about her but don't know how/when to talk about her. That must have been a shock to hear her talk about it though! I would have lost it too.
    Thinking of you and your girls,