Friday, May 27, 2011


So now I still don't feel much like writing... AND blogger won't let me comment! grrr! I'm still here reading, I promise, and I would LOVE to comment and let you all know that I'm thinking about you as I read your blogs, but I just keep getting kicked out into the log in screen, and I log in, enter the code word, click post comment, and voila, back to the log in screen!! FRUSTRATING!
A little about my plight, since I'm here now... Lupron is kicking my ass this time! Headaches, nausia, and so so so tired, all of the time! I never had these side effects the last two times I was on the drug. I hope all of this is worth it, and that we'll end up lucky to be pregnant once again!
Hugs to everyone, hope to be able to comment again soon!


  1. that comment thing was happening to me and I realized it was because I hit remember login stuff and as soon as I changed that back to having to login every time I turned my computer on I could comment again. It was weird, hope it works for you.
    I haven't posted in a week, like you I have been reading people's posts, and I have a lot to say, just don't feel like writing.
    Hope you'll get pregnant once again also!

  2. Hope you get pregnant with your rainbow soon! Thinking about you!

  3. Side-effects are awful... but hopefully our little rainbow babies will arrive soon :) Love to you always xoxo

    PS. I'm going to take my blog private in a week or so... and would love to keep sharing my journey with you. Email me on for me to add your email to my list xoxo