Thursday, June 16, 2011

Embarassment for Vancouver

And I'm not talking the game.... that's a whole other story! The way some of the people in the streets, I won't call them fans, because their actions in no way reflect anything sportsmanlike. Anyway, the way some of the people acted after last nights game was truly shameful. There was no need for rioting last night... IT'S A GAME! Anyway, just had to get that off my chest!
I'm just waiting for my bloodwork to come back today to find out whether or not we're going ahead with an egg retrieval on Saturday. Fingers crossed, I want to keep this moving forward.
I've been doing pretty good about keeping my emotions low key through all of this. I can't believe that I'm here...again. Going through all of this.. again! I should be at home with Jenna and Kristen. Not here. sigh.


  1. I hope the retrieval is a go for Saturday. Things should be so, so different.

    I couldn't believe it when I turned on the news this morning and saw the rioting. At first I thought it was something in the middle east. Nope, just over a hockey game. Embarrassing.

  2. Thinking of you for your retrieval and hope it goes ahead smoothly... IVF meds are such a nightmare... it's taking me all week to get over all the stimulation drugs. Hopefully both our good news are just around the corner. Love to you always xoxo

  3. Fingers crossed your retrieval goes well. :)

    BTW, I totally felt shame about the Vancouver business. AGH

  4. I live in BC, just north of Vancouver. I am ASHAMED of the behaviour of these complete IDIOTS!!! What a bunch of fools. They give all of us Canuck fans, and Vancouverites, and Canadians a bad name. SHAME ON THEM!!!! (I am wagging my finger at them as I type this! :0) )

    Good luck with the retrieval. Hubby and I are thinking of trying again soon too. Yikes. Keep us posted!!