Sunday, August 14, 2011

In a funny place...

I am still here, and while I haven't been posting, or commenting as much as I normally do, I still get on here to read every couple of days or so.
I know people are wanting an update (or.. I'd like to think that some of you would like to know what's been happening in my world lately!) Anyway, if you didn't you would'nt be here right now reading right?? Sooooo my appt last Tuesday was pretty much a repeat of the last couple of weeks baby is growing (YAY) and the heartbeat is strong! Still wondering why my invitro/know my dates baby is measuring a full week behind. The doc even asked if Ken and I had had sex when I got back from Vancouver, as though this wasn't my invitro baby but a little week later miracle. Well that wasn't possible, so we're still wondering on this one! I asked when I'd be able to relax and get comfortable with the whole I'm actually preggo thing, and she said that if I make it to 12 wks, I should be okay.*** I don't know if that's 12 wks gestation (2 wks from now) or when Wee One is actually measuring 12 weeks. Guess if I get that far we'll figure it out. She (the doc) wants to do further testing to make sure everything is developing properly, since this has been such a shaky start to my pregnancy, again, we'll figure that out when I get further along. In the meantime, I'm starting to actually come around to the fact that this baby inside me, just MIGHT hang out for a while. My MIL asked me the other day if I thought I was having a boy or a girl, my response was that I couldn't even wrap my head around the thought that I was actually pregnant, let alone ponder the sex! So here I am still taking things day by day, and still trying to be prepared for the worst, but starting to hope more and more for the best!

*** each of us on the other side of loss knows that 12 wks doesn't necessarily equal baby, but it should mean that I won't miscarry due to something wrong from implantation or early development. Funny thing is that once I get that far along, I'll be ramping up for the cerclage, and a whole new set of fears!

Thanks to everyone who visited my friend on her blog... it means alot to me that she gets some support these days!!!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Introducing a Dear Friend.....

Everyone has read about my friend 'A' and how she too has joined the club none of us wants to be a member of. Please, if you get a chance, stop by her blog and say hello!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Still Pregnant!

After a week of bleeding,cramping, and passing a couple of fairly big clots (sorry again if TMI) I hesitantly went to my Dr's appt this morning. I kept telling myself last night, that there probably wouldn't be a heartbeat, or there wouldn't be as much growth as we wanted to see.... I keep trying to protect my heart.
Well. My Wee One is still a week behind... we're measuring 7 wks 3 days, and I'm 8 weeks 3 days. But he (or she) is still hanging in there, and the heartbeat is a stronger 120 (last week was 110) Soooooo my Dr is still iffy on handing out too much hope at this point. But she said that to give me odds of proceding would be purely a guess on her part. If I don't miscarry in the next week, I head in again next Tuesday. Not exactly what I want to hear moving forward... but then again, we're still moving forward!
For right now the bleeding has turned to spotting, and it's mostly browner blood, so maybe that will ease up for me now. It's totally a time will tell situation. I've said before, this isn't the pregnancy I envisioned, but for now will be happy that I'm still pregnant! Please keep sending prayers and wishes our way!