Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Prayers Please!

Good news first I suppose! The amnio results came back normal, which is super, and also super frustrating! Had I never opted for the amnio, I wouldn't have ruptured my membranes and ruined my chances for a cerclage! Everything baby wise is looking good, he's caught up in growth, and is now making breathing movements... of course the news couldn't all be good, my cervix has shortened to the point where if I didn't have ruptured membranes, they'd be doing an emergency cerclage tomorrow. Unfortunately the risk of infection is too great, and all I can do now is stay on even stricter bedrest and pray this doesn't end my pregnancy. My doc said I can stay home for now, she doesn't see any benefit to me being in the hospital, as long as I stay upstairs in bed unless I get up to use the washroom. If (I hate using that term) so I'll say WHEN I get to viability they'll probably admit me, so that if I go into labour, they'll be able to try to save Carter right away.
I'm so thankful for all of your support so far, the well wishes and prayers have meant the world to me through all of this! I'm asking now though, to please pray we make it through this... I can't bear the thought of losing another baby!! Please God, don't take this little man away from me too!


  1. I will be praying for you non-stop over the next couple of weeks. I am glad he is doing very well and continuing to thrive. Hopefully he will continue to gain that weight, practice his breathing and stay put for a good long while.
    Sending many positive thoughts and prayers your way!!!!

  2. Carter has proven what a tough little guy he is, and with you as his mama there is no wonder.
    We will be thinking of you, and sending our love your families way!

  3. I agree with the pp, Carter has definitely proven what a tough little guy he is. I am glad the amnio results came back normal, and I'm so sorry about your cervical length. Have they talked about giving you steroid shots around 23 weeks to strengthen his lungs just in case he comes early? I hope the strict bedrest keeps your little guy cooking for awhile! Keeping you and Carter in my prayers!

  4. I'm so happy to hear all came back normal! That's wonderful! What a fighter Carter is - defying all the odds! I'm sure he will keep on surprising everyone. We'll be celebrating with you at 24 weeks! :)

  5. I will definitely be praying for your little guy to stay in there and your cervix to stay closed, and no infection to start. I cannot even imagine the feelings that must be going through your head right now.
    Stay positive--he is such a strong little trooper already!

  6. lots of prayers and lots of love

    WHEN you come into the hospital... make sure you let me know, and I'll come visit!

    take care

  7. Oh Sherri you have been through so much. I am praying for you and your little man daily.
    And like Lauren said, is there anyway they will give you the steroids in case he has to be delivered early, like once he reaches viability?

  8. He certainly is a fighter... great that his caught up in growth and that the amnio is OK. Bed rest must be so hard with a toddler and waiting each day until viability... my heart is with you and think of you both each day xoxo