Sunday, December 11, 2011

I have been MIA lately, but didn't realise it has almost been a month since my last post! I've still been reading just about every night, and have (finally) been able to start commenting again! Thanks Lauren for the comments, and prompting me to actually sit down and write this post! I love knowing that you are out there cheering me on as we go through this battle!! Funny term for a pregnancy, but that's what I feel the last seven months have truly been.... definitely a battle worth fighting though!
I'm 27 wks as of yesterday! Things have been going good since the cerclage was put in place, and my cervix has remained steady. I'm allowed to come downstairs in the morning now, and go up again at bedtime, but still have to remain strictly on the couch. I can't imagine staying like this for another couple of months, but obviously I'll do whatever is best for Carter, and try to keep him safe inside me for as long as possible! I love this little man so much, and as we get closer to a safe outcome, even if he were to arrive early, I feel more and more confident. Every day I have with him is truly a blessing!
I'm glad we have most of the baby stuff that we'll need, because even though my confidence is rising.... I still fear the worst.. I know that if he were to arrive now, his chances of surviving are pretty good, but part of me is still so scared that it won't be enough! I haven't bought anything for him just yet, and don't know when I'll have the confidence to do that. All he'll really need is clothes, and diapers and such, so it's not so bad... not like I have to order any furniture, or purchase any bigger items. I know that if he were to arrive this early, we'd have time to shop for him while he's in the NICU (not the outcome I'm hoping for) I'd much rather get to 36 weeks, and bring home a full term little man!


  1. I've been thinking and wondering about you lately. I'm so glad to see you updating and that Carter is doing well in there. :)

    As for diapers and clothes, have you tried the online route? Usually it's hard to find reasonable prices/shipping fees when you're Canadian, but has free shipping for diapers and whatnot, and a lot of websites offer free shipping/online sales (gap, even walmart I think).

    Seriously, so happy things are progressing well momma. :)

  2. So glad to hear you are doing well and baby is growing!

  3. I was wondering how you were doing :) So glad that things haven't changed and your little guy is doing well. We are getting so close to the end. Praying your little guy bakes for another 2 months!!!

  4. I'm so happy to read your update! It's great that your cerclage is holding up and you are almost in the third trimester. You guys are getting so close. I can't imagine how emotional & stressful this pregnancy has been for you, but you are doing a great job at resting and keeping Carter baking :) continuing to pray for you and Carter!

  5. Good to hear from you! Also so good to hear that the cerclage is doing its job and Carter is well.

  6. So glad to see an update. I have been stopping by your blog about once a week to just see if maybe I had missed an update. I think about you often, and I am so glad to hear that your little man is still growing.
    I will continue to pray for you and Carter and getting to 36 weeks.