Saturday, January 28, 2012

Uplifted by God's Glory this morning!

Found this on my facebook this morning, and had to share! There is beauty in God's work!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

More good news!

So I have no idea why my sugars were so high (they were at a 10) after my first glucose test... the second test results came back normal! Thank God, I don't really want to deal with any more pregnancy related complications than I already have! Carter is growing nicely, and measured 4lbs 5oz yesterday, just a pound under Jenna's weight when she was born!
The other really good news is that my Doctor is gone when I'm 39 wks, and she's willing to try to book my section the day she leaves, which would be Feb 24th.... I would be 37wks 6 days, so she's okay with that. She told me not to hold my breath, she may not be able to secure that date for me... but it sounds so much nicer than waiting until March... this is of course if I don't end up in labour after the stitch comes out at 36 wks! Here's to having a February baby!
I'm still feeling great these days, and the nurse yesterday commented on how I was able to walk without waddling yet! lol! I've lost a LOT of my strength after being on bedrest for so long, but mobility isn't an issue yet. Luckily, I've only gained 11lbs so far.... I was so scared I was going to blow up like a whale after being stuck in bed, but I've managed to eat fairly healthily (except for the 6lbs I gained over the 3wk Christmas break!)

Saturday, January 14, 2012

32 Weeks!!!

Hurray! I feel so much better after reaching this milestone. It helps to know that if we were still living in Alberta, the hospital in my hometown would take a baby at 32 weeks, where if he was born before that, he'd have to be flown to Edmonton for care. That tells me that this is a much safer gestation to be at now! I'm hoping that when the stitch is out in 4 weeks (FOUR WEEKS!!!!) that I'll go into labour right away. I'm supposed to be a planned section, but that won't be booked until 39 weeks, and I could go at any time in between. I'm afraid of having to race to the hospital for an emergency section, when I live and hour and a half from the hospital.... My labour with Jenna happened really fast, and by the time they had me wheeled from the hospital room up to the operating room, I was fully effaced! I still had a section with her though.
Anyway, I'm feeling really good for the most part, I've had some cramping lately, but nothing frequent or extremely strong.. so I've just been paying attention to how often it happens.
Praying for all my fellow BLMs especially the one's that have recently been admitted to hospital... it doesn't seem fair that we have to fight so hard for our pregnancies when so many women who don't deserve or want to be pregnant have babies every day! Something I'll never understand!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

30 wks 5 days!

And this time I double checked the title :P
Everything is going wonderfully baby/cerclage wise. I did get a call from my OB yesterday telling me that my sugars were high after the glucose test. sigh. Doesn't necessarily mean gestational diabetes yet, I have to go for the "yucky" test (her words not mine) and see from there. Of course it would just be something else to add to the list of things I've gone through with this pregnancy! LOL!!
Here's a quick recap, just for the fun of it:

1. Beta's rising after IVF, but not doubling... I'm informed it's probably an impending miscarraige.
2. Weeks 6-8 lots of bleeding and clotting, told to be prepared for the worst.
3. Week 12, do an Nuchal Translucency, since the baby measures a full week behind, and it could be developmental..... thickened measurement at the scan, Docs suggest doing an amnio.
4. Week 14... HUGE gush of blood... think for sure this is the end (yet again)
5. Week 17, Amnio performed... they broke my water during the procedure... Bedrest from here on out.
6. Week 21 find out that my cervix has continued to shorten despite bedrest. Down to half a centimeter, and emergency cerclage is put in.
7. Week 21-29 somewhere in here I lose my mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8. Week 30 possible Gestational Diabetes. ARGH!

I hope that maybe this will someday give hope to somebody who is dealing with some of the above issues..... and I hope they are as fortunate as we are!

Still... I'm here carrying this amazing little man, who truly has to be a miracle, and we're in what I consider to be the final stretch! I'm pretty sure this is one of the longest pregnancies EVER! I can't wait to meet Carter, and to start the next stage of our lives... one that doesn't revolve around infertility, but around our little family!