Wednesday, February 22, 2012

From the haze of newborn life!

I'm doing really well, Carter so far is catching up on time missed in the womb and spends just about all of his time sleeping and eating. It makes it easy for us to adjust to having a new one in the house, but at the same time.... getting up for middle of the night feedings and then early with my toddler is taking some getting used to (not that I'm complaining) :D I'm trying to schedule him close to Jenna's routine, so I had both kids in bed by 7:30 tonight... we'll see how this ends up working out!
As promised, I'll give you his birth story, I still can't believe he's already here!
I made it to 35 and 4 with Jenna, so on Thursday the 9th, I was 35 and 5. We went to town that day to do some shopping, and there was a storm in the forcast. We debated on maybe getting a hotel in town, in case something might happen, but having made it as far as I had, I was pretty confident that I wasn't going into labour until the stitch was out. I had been saying to people all day that I was officially 'more pregnant than I'd ever been before', and was actually planning on writing a post that night on uncharted territory! lol..... imagine my surprise when my water broke at 9:45 that evening! The snow had started an hour before this, but we could tell it wasn't going to be a good night on the highway. Ken went out to brush off the truck, and I went upstairs to grab my bag and change pants (pointless) lol! I kept saying out loud to myself "don't panic, don't panic, don't panic!" I was terrified that labour was going to start any second! As we left we called an ambulance to come meet us on the way. What is normally an hour and a half drive took us more than two hours in the ambulance.... the driver had to stop three times just to clean snow off his wipers in order to see! Thank God I didn't actually go into full labour, other than a few contractions, I felt no real discomfort! When we got to the hospital we waited for a couple of other women to deliver before they could perform my section, and Carter arrived at 4:37am. I just remember closing my eyes and feeling absolute relief once I heard him cry!! So many months of waiting, hoping, praying were finally OVER!
His APGAR score was a 9, and other than a blip with his blood sugars and a round under the lights due to jaundice, this wee little miracle seems to be perfectly healthy! I'm so absolutely blessed to have him here with me after all these months of fighting!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

He's Here!!!!!!!

So happy to finally be home, Carter arrived on Feb 10 after an ambulance ride in a blizzard! LOL, perfectly unusual end to a perfectly unusual pregnancy! He's amazing, and I'll write more later, but here are a few pics of our new little man!