Saturday, June 30, 2012

Wow! I've become a HORRIBLE blogger! I try to sneak on to read every day or so, but haven't had the energy to post an update recently! We're all here, all doing well! Everyone is growing, happy, and healthy! Mr. Man is sleeping through the night which makes me one very thankful Mommy! Our nighttime is typically both kids in bed between 7 and 7:30... Carter wakes around 6am for a bottle, and then sleeps again until 8 or 9, and Jenna is still up bright and early at 7am! This morning it was 6:56 to be exact.. and most mornings are the same! I could set a clock by that girl! So I really don't have much excuse for not being more present on here, other than being busy and tired most of the time! :) (good complaint really!) I sometimes still worry about Carter's development, the docs had me so convinced that there was going to be something wrong with him! I have to remind myself that his cousin who's 3 and a half weeks older, is actually 10 wks older gestationally... big differance there! So far he's smiley and talkative, so I don't think I have much to be afraid of... but it's one of those niggling fears in the back of my head, that I wanted to say out loud.. or write on a blog at least! It doesn't matter anyway, he's here and growing, and my heart could burst with the love I have for all of my babies, here and in heaven! So a friend of mine asked me if it was okay to honor Kristen in a memorial garden that was being built this summer for all of the children that have been lost in our area. The school that Jenna and Carter will attend built a new playground last month, and they decided that they were going to include the afformentioned garden. Of course I said yes! I'm so pleased that she thought of us, and Kristen's name will be added on a plaque along with a flower that has been planted in her memory! I missed the dedication, I had a sick kiddy that day... but will be posting pictures once the plaque is put in place. What an awesome awesome gesture! It truly meant so much to me! Especially to have her name at the school she should have attended with her sibblings! I fill up every time I think about it!
My silly girl who won't stay still for a picture unless she gets to make a face at the camera! :)