Thursday, September 20, 2012

Every life is a miracle.... whether we're here for a spark, or a flame that lasts 90 years or more. With tears streaming down my face, I thank God for all of my children. Jenna, Kristen, and Carter.... they truly are miracles, I had to fight for each and every one of them to join us here, and am so thankful that two of my babies are on earth with me! Four years ago today, my eldest was born. She's beautiful, and stubborn, and fiercly independant! She makes each day an adventure, full of laughter and amazement. I love her with a love I didn't know I was capable of, until I became a Mother! Happy Birthday my Sweet little girl!!


  1. Jenna looks like a fun little girl!

  2. Beautiful girl!!! Happy Birthday Jenna!!! Doesn't it seem they get big so fast once you get past the 2's?