Saturday, June 15, 2013

Still Breathing... Still Grieving

These past few days have been hard... I really don't know why, what has set my mood spiralling downward, and has brought tears to my eyes yet again. I just miss her so much! Always. Some days more than others, but she's never far from my thoughts! I've turned to blogging yet again in hopes of finding comfort. I've been reading from my blog list again, and looking for something.... What exactly I don't know, I want to see that everyone is doing well... but part of me wants to see people like me, that sounds selfish, of course I wish there was no one else in my shoes. But there is a part of me who needs to know that someone else is feeling what I am. That it's okay for me to fall backwards again............. I know it never ends, I understand that... it just surprises me when grief rears it's ugly head, just when I think my life is back on track, and that mourning her has become something I can manage.... I miss my baby all over again. :(